December 9, 2013

Welcome Graham!

seriously the sweetest face right?
 We welcomed Graham Lee Smith into the world on Monday December 9th at 1:11am. He weighed 7lbs and is 19 inches long! He is quite the handsome little guy and we were in love with him instantly. He is so far a very quiet little guy and fusses very little. He's already nursing like a champ and I can tell already he will be another little cuddler. He didn't cry much when he arrived and so far hasn't cried much since. He's got the cutest chubby little cheeks and a full head of brown hair. So far its been said that he looks like Ian, Rylin, my dad, and my brother. He's got my dad's nose like Ian and Rylin both do so that's good. Its amazing how quickly you can love someone you've barely just met. All my guesses were wrong since I thought we were having a girl. All the Asian spa people at the mall last week said boy and they were right! The only time I thought boy was after we got the 4d ultrasound at our last ultrasound appt!

We didn't go into the hospital thinking of the name Graham. We had considered it with Ian and decided against it at the time but after not feeling like the two names we brought in were a good fit for him, it came up again and Justin loved it immediately. It took me a good 12 hours to decide on it and at about 1am Tuesday morning I filled out the paperwork. Justin really didnt want him to go without a name for more than 24 hours. I really wanted to give him the middle name of James too after my dad but Justin's middle name is Lee and its hard to find a name that goes with Lee so we decided that would be best. James will have to be for our next boy. :) Graham happens to be Justin's Grandma Mary's maiden name, although that is not why we originally liked it. We found it in a baby name book and liked that it had a family connection too. And our little Graham was born on his Nana Kim's (Justin's mom) 50th birthday! He also shares a birthday with Uncle Denny Graham (that fits) and our good friend Molly!

He already has several nicknames: Graham Slam, Babygraham, Graham Cracker, Instagraham....

For the birth story:
At my drs appt last Wednesday I was already dilated to a 5 and had contractions all day long but they stopped that night right before bed. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all spent in various ways trying to bring on the rest of labor as I would contract but not quite hit the markers that required calling the doctor. I walked and walked and walked. I had a reflexology foot massage. I tried a few other old wives tales. Sunday I even went so far as to eat very spicy Mexican food. (I generally feel that mild salsa is too spicy so that was a sacrifice of my esophagus). I even used hot sauce. That afternoon the contractions seemed to change and I was getting hopeful that this wouldn't just end at bedtime again. Thankfully, Justin's mom was on her way down from Dubuque so I decided Id wait them out. We went to dinner and they got stronger as we were eating. I finished packing up our hospital bag and did a few little things around the house while she got the kiddos settled down. I wanted to be sure before calling my midwife. I called her and she agreed I should go in. That was at 9 oclock pm. We kissed the kiddos goodnight and headed to the hospital.

Once there, they decided that yes I was in labor and set me up for my Group B dose of antibiotics and put my on the monitor for a bit. Since I am a VBAC delivering patient, I had to have monitoring but thankfully they had ambulatory monitors so after a short time I was allowed to roam the halls. I was the only patient in L&D and I had room number 7!!  Around midnight my midwife came in to check on me and ended up breaking my water right then. Little man wasn't quite turned all the way so I had to endure a few contractions to help turn him and then I got to labor in the tub for a bit. One thing I am so grateful for is that this hospital does things a lot differently than our hometown hospital did with Ian and Rylin. I was able to wear my own clothes throughout the whole labor and pretty much call the shots within reason according to what Id discussed with my midwife. It was wonderful! I didn't have to be hooked up to any IVs and the monitors for little graham were just little bands on my belly. It was just me, Justin, our midwife and her nurse in the room and they were the ones who took care of me until moving to recovery so there weren't a billion people in and out of the room. After about 4 contractions in the tub, i.was.ready. Justin thinks it was about 7 contractions later and he was out! Justin actually got to deliver him! That wasn't in the plan but the midwife encouraged him and he did a great job!

I managed to do the whole thing without meds but it was not easy. Not that I expected it to be.They call it labor for a reason!  I had an epidural with Rylin and I wanted to try to do this one as natural as I could. Im really glad that I was only in full blown labor for about an hour because it was hard. Really hard. Im pretty sure I asked for an epidural at some point but it was too late. And in the end Im glad I didnt get one. While it was tough and hard and it hurt alot, it was only an hour of my life. And Im really glad I toughed through it and did it med free. It helps that Justin keeps telling me how I awesome I was and how proud of me he is. Im really glad I was the only one in L&D that night because once I got to the pushing phase,  I probably would have scared anyone else about to deliver had they heard me. So much for wanting this delivery to be as quiet as possible haha!!! I even cursed once which surprised me because I don't curse in everyday life.  Justin was an amazing coach and did great and was right there by me the whole time encouraging me.

The midwife actually thought Graham was a girl at first because the umbilical cord was hanging down blocking her view. Then when she held him up I saw him and said 'um I think he's a boy" and she said "oops! yes he is! sorry little man!"  Our midwife was really great and I'm so glad we had her. I had only met her the Wednesday before (the practice I go to has several and you get whoever is on call) but I told Justin when I got home that I really hoped that she was the one on call when I went into labor. When she walked into the room she said "Well im really glad I met you Wednesday!"

We did have one little upset. Because he came so quickly, the group b antibiotics didn't have 4 full hours in me before he was born so he had to have extra monitoring and bloodtests until we were released. All ended well though and he was fine.

Nana with her 50th birthday present. Oh, and he is a thumb sucker!!! 

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