December 30, 2013

Vision & Goals Recap 2013

Last January, I wrote this post about the goals I was making for myself this year. They were pretty lofty truthfully but thats okay because it doesnt bother me if I dont attain every single goal. Id have to be Superwoman to get done everything I said I wanted to. But it gives me an idea of where I want our lives to go for the year. Ill be doing a new list in a few days! Here is a recap of what I accomplished in 2013!

3. Blog followers - 1st goal 50 - 2nd goal 100 - uping this to having 100 followers on each of the social medias im on -  twitter(128), facebook blog page (148), facebook beachbody page (112), instagram (385), blog (GFC 92), bloglovin (59)

5. cook 5 whole foods meals per weekim crossing this one off my list because i think we have done extremely well this year.

7. go on a trip with justin to celebrate our 7th anniversary in october -didnt happen due to ians surgery and casting but we did go to lunch! 

14. think about baby #3 - adopt? - start planning.  done

19. become an emerald coach with beachbody - COMPLETE!

27. lose 10 lbs - lose 5 more - be able to run 1 mile without stopping - do 30 mins turbofire no stopping - 

30. do a photo-a-day on instagram - document our lives! (stephsmith_bb is my username - or social media button (i) on the top right of blog)done!

31. kick the caffiene habit!  -  DONE! how many times will i have to kick this? continual process unfortunately

34. ORGANIZE our lives - financial binder, daily/month planner, extended calendar - house! doing well here. i have our financial binder done, our house is largely organized now, we cleaned out the garage, and i have 2 months planned out on the calendar. im still working on the paper monster . (all organizing posts found here). Ive also done a blog planner, bible study planner, and special needs planner for ians paperwork. 

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  1. You are amazing. I fear looking at my list from lat year, knowing I was not successful :(


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