December 16, 2013

Graham @ 1week

Graham is doing great at just a week old! By Friday, he was back up to his birth weight. He is doing great nursing and is even sleeping in fairly good stretches. I have to wake him up to nurse him occasionally. He is super snuggly and loves being cuddled and held. We've all taken lots of snuggly cozy naps with him this week. This is my favorite baby stage. I always want to have a cuddly little baby to snuggle. 

Im feeling pretty good too. Tired of course but overall just feeling really blessed and happy with our new little guy. He is a pretty content little man, rarely crying or fussing. The big kids are really enjoying him too. Rylin wants to  hold him all the time and Ian really likes to talk to him. Ian still calls him Peanut. In fact, he told his teachers at school that Graham's name was Peanut. :) The teachers thought that was cute. 

Monday was spent in the hospital and Nana brought the big kids up to meet Graham. My mom and dad and brothers drove up that day to see us and Aunt Allie drove down from Dubuque. Tuesday my parents hung out most of the day with Rylin at the hospital while Nana took Ian to and from Preschool and did some errands. My parents left in the afternoon and headed home and we had a pizza party that night in my hospital room. Graham and I spent a large portion of the day Tuesday evening by ourselves and just relaxed. Justin stayed with us all day Monday and Monday night and then stayed at home with the big kids on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we were told we got to go home so we just hung out waiting for that to happen and then headed home! The rest of the week was spent adjusting to our new normal! Papaw arrived Thursday night to snuggle his new little man and then Nana and Papaw headed home on Friday. We spent the weekend around the house and then Sunday we took a drive to Dewitt and let the big kids play at the playplace in Mcd's to run out some steam. They arent used to staying home more than a day so they get a little crazy if we dont let them out :) 

Graham, here are a few highlights of your first week here
Your big sister wanting to hold you! She thinks you are her baby :) 

Your first bath.... December 10th 2013
You really liked having your hair washed and just relaxed into the water. 

The day we brought you home.... December 11th 2013
Mommy had gotten you preemie size clothes for your first outfit since both your brother and sister wore them for weeks. You wore yours home and it promptly went into your keepsake box after being washed. You are too big for preemie clothes! 

all snuggled up with your blankie and paci - you like your thumb too but sometimes you have a hard time finding it. and mommy is not a human pacificer!

Ive forgotten how time consuming and tiring a newborn is. I had so many aspirations for his first and second week home that are just not getting accomplished! Especially when it comes to writing here on the blog. I just cant stay awake long enough to get a post done. So be patient with me as we wrap up this year. I will be updating and I do have some great posts coming up, they might just be on a semi later schedule than originally planned! 

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  1. Oh my gosh! Stop! He's too cute!!!!!! Congratulations, Smiths!

  2. He is soooooooo cute. God Bless him a happy and healthy life.

  3. He is sooooooo Cute . God bless him happy and healthy life .


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