December 31, 2013

Blog Year in Review

Year in Review

I like to chronicle my social media stats and blog stats once a month if I can. It gives me feedback on where people are connecting and what people like to see the most here. Of course I pretty much write what I want, because hey, its my blog. But its still nice to have a little feedback once in awhile. if you are reading this, feel free to leave some comments for things you like to read about/hear about/learn about most. and if you've never officially "followed" i would appreciate it if you would via Google Friend Connect (GFC) - the link off to the right, or via Bloglovin - link provided below. thanks!

blog stats: beginning of march/end of march
followers: 55
facebook page:46
monthly views: 5000

totals: 359 as of beginning of March 2013

Here are the end of December 2013 stats.
Instagram: 385
Pinterest: 223
Twitter: 128
GFC: 92
Blog Facebook page: 148
Klout: 54
Beachbody Facebook page: 112
Bloglovin: 59
total: 1147

Growth: +788

Blog Stats:
Pageviews from dec1-dec30 : 5700+
all time pageviews: 88000+
highest pageview day : December 3rd (WIWW polka dots post)

top5 posts viewed this month: (clicky)

Dec 9, 2013, 2 comments
Dec 8, 2013, 2 comments

Top referring sites. Google
2. Facebook 
3. Bloglovin
4. House that Jade Built
5. A Bowl Full of Lemons
6. Pinterest

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